Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some StarCraft… Add me SEA: 996, HLK

Just like always, I only chuck in a blog whenever I want. >.> I’ve been too distracted by StarCraft lately (well a long time, since my bday now). So I’m going to spend some time talking about this game :)
Let’s be honest here, I’ve spent a lot of time on this game. I’m trying to move up the ladder and move out of “bronze league”. At the moment, I’m top bronze! Funnily enough, I found that i don't have a nice win-lose win-lose thing… its more like win a lot of games in a row, then lose a lot in a row. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.
Might sound a bit crazy, but i think StarCraft has slightly changed my personality. Just slightly… Hear me out on this one! So when I first started playing this game, I tended to hide in my little base, and have all my army and defence. I was even afraid of taking an extra base cause I feel I wont be able to defend it! Basically, I was withdrawn and hid as much as I could.
The only real thing I would have outside of my base (with significant distance) is my initial scout… Even then, I feel that it is unsafe
And basically that’s all I did. make as much things I could using the money of one base. Logically, the more bases you have, the more money you have… and consequently you’ll be able to make a larger army faster. So while my defences in the early game held me out for the first few rushes… I slowly fell behind others.
I could only make units a few at a time, when my opponent comfortably had one or more bases than me. Eventually, they would have a larger army and walk all over me. And I'd slowly watch my army widdle down… or sometimes just evaporate cause I have so little units.
But then, I noticed this wouldn’t work… i needed more money, and I need to move out eventually. So my general attitude was… I’ll expand when I have a large army to defend… Which didn’t work too well either, cause by the time I had a large army, the opponent had already expanded, and their income would de already higher than mine.
With a help from a few friends I was able to find my problems. I wasn’t making enough workers and I wasn’t expanding enough. It seemed really hard for me to just… change though. Eventually with a lot more games played, I corrected my main problems. but then i found that I kept losing to a race, so I decided to change races… Boy did that help me with my withdrawn-ness. The new race I played required by to be very reactive… While keeping my economy high. They were very different but you learn a thing or two.
So now with some experience, I know when to expand and attack. Still learning but hey I think its coming along fine. So now if you are curious, I play toss (which seems to be my default personality) and zerg (which is now my alter ego, which is aggressive and pretty much opposite to what I’m like normally). >.> I actually act like that in real life too…
If I get faced with something i dislike… I become a very different person now… Its quite scary…
Another thing I have found myself doing… is getting very very VERY annoyed when someone (specifically my parents) talk to me during a game. It’s annoying and it ruins the fun. Seriously, I don’t want to answer your stupid questions! “How do you spell professional?” Go use a dictionary. Solve the problem yourself!! ARGGGGGGGG. You wouldn’t believe how badly I play when I need to answer stupid questions like this.
Anyhows, that’s all I have to say about StarCraft :) Its a fun game. I’m trying to find time to blog and play StarCraft, but at the moment, StarCraft is taking more of my time. I’ll try my best to blog at the same time.
P.S: I got a comment on my origami rose post a while ago about the pentagonal rose. I’m going to be scanning the CP soon, but just for the sake of it, I want to ask if anyone knows of a program of some sort that will make a CP look better. If you visit The Fitful frog, the CP’s there are very clean with just the required lines. I don’t want to upload anything shabby (especially a CP) as it will be hard to learn from. Any help is appreciated!
=^= Missed fitting this into November. Oh well.


Christopher Tan said...

Interesting story! I think there is a typo in the second last paragraph.

Mylifeasacomic said...

LOL bog :p fixing...

Mylifeasacomic said...

XD thanks!

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