Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some thoughts I go by [NO PICS]


I may not know you, you may not know me. But here are something's I would like to put out there that might make you understand me a bit more. Who knows, reading this might make you a better person as well =P I’m a little blunt, but that’s what I really think.

You are a [x], I expect you to have knowledge of [x]

If you are a car mechanic, I expect you to know what a camshaft and crankshaft is. If you are into origami, I expect you to know the difference between valley and mountain folds.

Just because you are knowledgeable, doesn’t mean others are too

So now, YOU are that mechanic, person into origami etc. YOU cannot expect a random person to know about everything in that topic. You are the “expert” or the person with more knowledge on this topic, do not be surprised if other do not understand.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt

If you are an enthusiast of a topic, not a professional (you don’t need to have certs, just some experience under your belt) and not fully confident. PLEASE ABIDE BY THIS RULE. It is very, VERY embarrassing when you create an image for yourself and shatter by not actually knowing as much as you look

Are you really in a good position to show off?

No? Then shut up.

There are some things that, at your age and position are common sense.

I’m amazed at how uninformed some people can be… How did you get so far in life?

If I don’t know you too well, I don’t want to know every detail.

I’m not giving anyone a cold shoulder here, its just that: If present me with really really personal information/problem, do you really expect my advice to be truly suited to you?

I don’t like following “trends”. I like things that suit me

Sometimes its things that are “in”, sometimes its not. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean I necessarily like it. I like what I like, not what others like.

YOU like it, not ME

I’m happy you found something you like or believe. But PLEASE, don’t force me to think the same.

Don’t exaggerate

Sure its fun when telling jokes, but in real life situations, 10 tonnes =/= 10kg

I like having some alone time

I don’t want to be online or on the phone all the time. I’m offline for a reason.

Don’t put leave me to fix YOUR problems

I offer help for the sake of being polite, not so you I turn into your maid. If it’s your responsibility, I am not obligated to fix the problem for you. Know your limits.

I’m normally very willing to accept your mistakes, bad manners and all. NORMALLY.

It is in politeness I let you do these things to me, but it doesn’t mean its ok or right. I’m not ignoring you because I’m a princess, it’s because YOU ARE WRONG.

I’m stingy only when I need to be.

Yea, I’m Asian. I’m stingy. But this doesn’t mean I’m not willing to spend money on others. I want them to be happy too.

Don’t judge me when you are not in a good position to do so.

I spent hours working on this. You didn’t. What right do you have in saying this was a shit job? NONE. You either help even things out or shut up.

You’re not necessarily right nor wrong. I’d rather keep it that way than argue.

It’s not going to explode or anything. Why make a fuss?

Sometimes I shut up ‘cause you’re just too damn stupid.

I don’t want to waste time on you. Seriously.

Personal space. USE IT.

It’s different for everyone, but I’m not the touchy type. If I only just met you, chances of me being ok with you breathing down my neck are pretty damn low.


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