Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I think I’ve found a replacement for my windows tablet.


It seems to me, all my devices are supplementing for something another device lacks. Why does this seem like the “all in one device” for me?

I have a few main machines: A desktop, a laptop, a tablet and a phone. It was originally just three (desktop, laptop and phone) but the utter bulkiness, weight and lack of battery life in my laptop makes it unusable. I don’t quite like carrying a charger around and my degree is more writing orientated than typing orientated… so eventually even a low powered, “weak” tablet was enough for me to not use my laptop.

The desktop


This serves as my hub when I am at home. It’s not beautiful and elegant like an imac, but and does everything I need. If I want to do something else, I can just get another peripheral and BAM! It does something new.

The laptop tablet

 serious uni

So yea, this is the nail that sticks out to me. I don’t want to neglect it, as it was a pricey investment for UNI. However, as mentioned, it doesn’t serve well for its purpose.

In first year, I took the effort to lugging this monster to class everywhere. I took notes on it, and since this was pre-ipad, it was an amazing device =). Unfortunately, it had the same short coming of laptops: horrible battery life. My bag(s ) have limited space, my largest bag does not feel comfortable with the laptop, books and charger.

Plus annoyingly enough, this tablet seems to JUST have enough battery… 5 hours. So on most days, sleeping it would be fine, I won’t need a charger, but say if I had to stay online for that much longer, it would not be enough. So there are times where I’d bring the charger thinking I’d need it, but don’t. And there are times that I need it and its not there.

At least at the moment, it serves as my dedicated tablet for drawing.

The tablet


Post Ipad, tablets were all the rage… and since I quite like the idea of a device that offered a decent screen with long battery life, I bought one.

I must say this tablet has served me very well. I’ve been reading PDFs off it, keeping myself online/entertained overseas (thank you 3g sim slot!) and it’s even served as a back up phone in the event of my phone dying. So again, what is does is enough, but it’s making up for things my main laptop CAN’T do. My laptop CAN’T last days without charging. My laptop CAN’T be stuffed in my smallest bag and carried everywhere.


But at the same time, this tablet CAN’T be used for complicated things: typing long emails/anything is a pain (I’ve thought of a bluetooth keyboard, but none seem good, I’d like a keyboard dock more). While the screen is ok sized, I would like larger (without sacrificing portability). Compatibility is a problem, some documents don’t open as they should and some websites don’t run as well as I’d like. I can’t draw on it cause it doesn’t have a digitiser support. NO USB!!!



=) Most important device of them all. I spend a lot of time and effort into choosing each mobile to make sure it does everything I want it to do.

This device is the ULTRA ULTRA portable. It goes EVERYWHERE with me. With the correct apps, it can temporarily satisfy me so that I don’t need a tablet or computer. Unfortunately, with a new phone, the older tablet is now slower than the phone (before it was vice versa)


So it seems, the only solution to this problem is get a device which has the benefits of both laptop and tablet. It shouldn’t have too many negative aspects of each, this ultimately should replace both the laptop and tablet bring my device count to 3:

Galaxy NOTE 10.1

The specs TBH are a little disappointing, with quad core on the horizon (some are already available) a dual core is quite meh. But then again, a dual core seems to be keeping things running perfectly fine, so let’s make do.

I do notice that there were other android tablets out there with stylus support (HTC flyer and Lenovo ThinkPad tablet). However, I never really though Honeycomb was that good. The HTC flyer didn’t seem like that much of an upgrade to my tab besides the pen, the Lenovo was just… ugly (I know, I know, its BUSINESS orientated, but that doesn't mean it needs to be ugly).

Core benefits:

  • Slots between my laptop and tablet in terms of screen size: laptop 12.1 > tablet 10.1 > tablet 7. So now it should feel more portable than my laptop but not that much bulkier than my 7 inch tablet.
  • Although its ONLY a dual core, it should be ample fast than my GT7. It’s got ICS natively (my GT7 only has it via custom roms) so at least it should get a lot more support than my current device.
  • MUCH MUCH MUCH more battery life than my laptop. If my GT7 is to be a benchmark for battery life, I should at least get 2-3 days of use (though I’m sure it more like 1-2 days since I can draw on this
  • Much lighter and compact to use as a drawing tablet. You might not have seen my laptop tablet, but that thing is thick and heavy. Its cumbersome to handle if you plan to hold it in one hand and draw with the other.
  • With an adapter, it can read USB unlike my GT7 (it technically can…. but with a lot of cables and power supply)


  • Still lacks a keyboard. But if this gets the same accessory support from third party companies, I should be able to find some elegant solutions. If not, I’d expect the official on to be alright (it’s landscape compared to portrait of mine)
  • Still not WINDOWS. It’s the price to pay for battery life, price and portability I suppose. But at least now, Android seems to have quite a good amount of apps to narrow the gap. Maybe I can remotely connect to my desktop, that seems like an ok solution… LOL

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NOTE to self... maybe Win8 Arm tables with wacom are worth looking at too.

But I doubt they will be in the same price range...

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