Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Liking the new design?

new design

I’ve kinda finished renovating, some of the changes need to be gradually added. Read on for a short changelog I’ve made (and some things I’ll add later on)


  • Made blog width to 1380px wide. It might sound like an odd number, but for some reason, the banner isn’t centred into the white area, so I made it wider to make it look centred. I might just make the banner less wide to make the overall blog width 1280 (HD!)
  • Added a banner to show some popular posts. I’m going to add a picture of the latest post in there as well. You can click the banner to take you to the relevant link
  • The pictures in posts will be made wider (600px to 950px) to fill more space (and comply with the overall theme). This will need to be a gradual change, since I won’t be able to widen all previous pictures. They will also be slender to look good (wish I was that slender >.>)!
  • I really want another font for the header (in fact just get rid of the header and use the banner only). I’ll find a nice font for it =)  REMOVED HEADER. Added one slide to the sliding banner with simple name and icons of my hobbies.
  • Background colour changed to a darker colour… this might change often till I think its right.
  • General theme of square, sharp edgy look.
  • Just went online to find a suitable template for me (HERE). After some editing here and there, I think the effects are ok. I was hoping for a “wider” design, but hey this one seems ok. Now I just need to find out how its scaling those images :\

That should be all the things I’ve changed, that doesn’t seem like much, but I just feel it makes the blog that much more lively and professional (yea, me professional, LAUGH).

I’m open to any suggestions, but I’m sure there will be many visitors who might not like the extra wide blog (and the extra bandwidth to load the now HUGE images)

Keep an eye out for the latest posts!


Christopher Tan said...

The theme looks good. Is it necessary to have that width? Might be a bit too big.

Mylifeasacomic said...

Yea, I think it is too.

Originally, I wanted everything to fit in 1280px wide. ATM its like 1380... cause the banner didn't fit. I guess as soon as I get the banner sizes right, I can downsize it a bit :)

I'll see what I can do.

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