Tuesday, February 28, 2012

“Why didn’t you “Happy Valentine’s day” us?!?!?!”

That’s why =P

^^ That’s partly the reason… but then I think if you are in a good relationship, you don’t really need a special day to show how much you care for someone!

I would have posted a picture of an origami rose, but come on! that stuff gets old! I don’t even have an improved version to flaunt and show off yet (YET!!!)!! On a more interesting note… I’ve been told to sell these roses on valentines day many times. I’ve seen other (more popular) origamists do it… but is it… allowed? I mean sure, I took the time to improve on Kawasaki’s rose… but essentially, its still based off a twist fold. My friends were willing to help (How?), its not major hassle, I have plenty of time to prepare (A WHOLE YEAR) and even take orders. Let me know in the comments on what you think… To make and sell (how much are people willing to pay?!)? or to stay a purely “exclusive” model??

On a more personal note, I don’t mind being “forever alone”. I don’t think it essential that I find a partner (ever), what’s the point of forcefully being with someone, when you and them are not truly happy. Having said that, if someone someday does drop into my life and makes me happy, sure why not? FOREVER ALONES UNITE!!

P.S: I’ve tried to narrow down my blog a bit, 1380px wide was an awkward dimension. So now, the OVERALL blog is 1280px, the banners and pictures will be adjusted accordingly (I have no numbers yet). Working on that 10000 blog hits celebration post right now!!

New theme Smile with tongue out



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