Friday, March 30, 2012



As expected I’m slowly caving…

Today’s experience has been far worse that the previous days… Apparently, I’ve used up all my credit, which means all calls and texts I make will now be billed separately. I’ve racked up an extra $10-$15 so far, and I don’t want to make that number increase. I still have 8 days till the credit renews 8-|

Normally, this wouldn’t be THAT much of a pain, I’ll just use whatsapp and other social messaging to hang till the end of the billing period. But since those things don’t really exist on an old phone, I can’t contact anyone, unless they contact me. Currently, I’m just going to have to wait for people to call me then, or I’d need to email/FB then :( I’m quite lucky (and smart 8D) to have set up google music for myself. At least that means I can listen to my music from another desktop!

I knew today would probably be the most difficult day for me in this challenge as I have 6 hours straight of class. Seeing that I don’t have either a phone or tablet to entertain myself when I get bored, I returned to my habit of DRAWING ALL OVER MY BOOK:




Poor book :( At least I kept most of the drawings on one page… So I can just rip it out and pretend it never happened!

The battery hasn’t changed MUCH, it did seem to get slightly better, not losing a third of its life after 8 hours, but its still not impressive… So today’s rating:



betraya said...

WINNER- Lets see how you can last another 4 days. I've only transistioned pretty late to smart phones considering I'm a SE/Sony fan due to their nice staff allowing us to hack into their phones- even Sony gave out the coding for everyone to hack into the Xperia S.

Mylifeasacomic said...

I'm not so much agitated by the phone, I'm more agitated by not being to call anyone :(

Most modern phones allowed some form of "hacking". Both my W800 and W580 were "hackable" in that their were able to be flashed or modified to use system files from similar or equivalent phone (i.e the K750 and S500 respectively).

Nokia I had no interest in "hacking", I just went around theming, though they were nice enough to bring a few inmportant updates to the 5800.

As for android, there seems to be a nice dev group behind almost any (popular) phone or device.

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