Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CHALLENGE [Day 1]–things are so simple


Day one of old phone challenge.

So after a “day” of usage, I have to say everything seems so different. I don’t just mean the phone, I mean everything I do normally :\ I spent the time in the train this morning… THINKING. “What do I have due soon”, “what’s the first class I have… where?”, “when’s the last class?”… so many things… I even spent a long time pondering about my dream from last night.

Life seems to go much slower too, things are simpler: Missed the email? Don’t worry, It can’t be that urgent. Who’s nearby on facebook? Who cares, just bump into them when you do. What’s the time? LOOK AT YOUR WATCH. I just feel more productive in general, partly because I feel a little ASHAMED of pulling out a phone with no colour screen (let alone a camera and stuff). I actually spent a good 2-3 hours working and studying :) And rather than using your devices, you can actually socialise. You must try draw something without a phone!!!:


Having said that I do miss being able to whip out my phone to look at the time and my timetable. It’s not hard remembering my timetable, I just feel safer being able to reassure myself that I remember right. I do think that the phone has problems though. It’s down to it’s last third of battery and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. I’ll just let things go and see how long it lasts, if its horrible, I might need to use another phone for this challenge.

So a brief summary:


  • I feel more productive :)
  • I use my brain a bit more for the simpler things
  • Socialise :p


  • Time seems to run so much slower…
  • Come on, honestly you would be ashamed to if you had to whip out a BW mobile phone.
  • Lack of features leaves me insecure. I mean I would like to have a camera to take a snap of important stuff
  • I REALLY REALLY DISLIKE how the phone only has 3 bars for battery. It’s inaccurate… 35% will still show 2/3 of a bar…

Overall rating for today:



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