Thursday, March 29, 2012

CHALLENGE [Day 2]–Oh wait…


Hit a hiccup…

So it seems that I’ve hit a hiccup in this challenge so far. it’s not THAT big of a problem, but it is a slight bump that makes the whole challenge less desirable. Due to old age, the battery in the Panasonic has deteriorated and can’t get it’s previous battery life. It’s still able to get a bit less than a day, but considering I’m barely using it, that’s quite bad.

I commented on this in my status, and it looks like I’ll need to stick with this phone till the end. Oh well, I’m used to daily charges from a smartphone! It’s disappointing though, cause you expect dumbphones to have 3+ days battery life.

For the sake of comparison, I fired up the next phone I had prepare for this challenge. I fully charged both phones over night to see how the battery goes on both. The phones were unplugged in the morning at 9am and it’s not almost 6:


The Panasonic has already lost a third of a bar (a third or half? I can’t tell… such an awkward amount according to the icon), and I only received a call.


The Sharp has an inactive sim in it, but it’s still at the full 4 bars.


I’ve missed this little external display :)  

Putting that aside, I’m missing my smartphone already. I mentioned something I saw on facebook to mum and was all like: “Let me show you!” *reaches for phone* Then I notice that I don’t have a smartphone. It just seems some of the things you do on a smartphone are integrated into your life without you knowing. I’ve found myself reaching for my phone or looking for a clock even when I’m wearing a watch…

Having said that, I haven’t really used my phone much today since I have don’t have UNI on Thursdays. I’m sure on longer days at UNI, I will feel the “pain” of not having a smartphone.

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