Saturday, March 31, 2012

CHALLENGE [Day 4]–Meh, it can’t get any worse.


Yea, I don’t think it could.


So it seems I’ve pretty much ACCEPTED that this is it. I won’t be able to get information instantly and all. But that’s ok, cause it doesn’t seem essential.

Today’s I’ve been home the whole time, I didn’t really need my phone so I didn’t “suffer”. I suspect that tomorrow will be the same. Nothing much has changed, I still have no credit, I still can’t say: “Hey! Did you see this link/pic?”.

In the meantime, I’m just wandering around the net for things that interest me. I’ve developed quite a big soft spot for Windows phone 7 (Actually, I’ve been keeping an eye on it, it’s just been in that “developing” stage for a while). It’s oozing the lack of attention feel and I think that it has some potential.

Pity though, It lacks the hardware brawn of both IOS and Android. It runs nicely, but it’s always nice to have tougher specs (Dual core and High res support) to make the package more appealing. I’ll discuss on this a bit more later on.

Enough on that, let’s talk about this antique phone. I’ve rediscovered a few of it’s “amazing” features:

  • OMG it has live wallpapers! Haha, not really… But the wallpapers move e.g the clock shows the real time and a few just move

  • A feature which I haven’t seen in many (any?) other phone is the ability for it to shut down AND TURN BACK ON at specified times. Most phones can turn off at a selected time, but don’t turn themselves back on. The SE phones I’ve owned wake if they are shut down for alarms, but they don’t turn on automatically. I haven’t actually used this function in this challenge, I used it a lot in High school though, prevented my phone going off in class.

  • Probably not a unique feature, but comparatively, I appreciate how light the phone is. I’ve found myself thinking I’ve left it at home.

That’s about it for today. I think it’s gonna be pretty bland from now on. But hey, I haven’t gone crazy or anything so far :) That’s quite an achievement don’t you think? Today’s rating:



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