Monday, April 2, 2012

CHALLENGE [Day 6]–It does do SOME things well.


It’s not all that bad, there are some things this phone does well in comparison to the normal smartphone.

In general, I don’t enjoy this challenge much, I do admit that this phone does a few things quite well. In fact, it might do it a bit TOO well…:

  • It’s REALLY loud. No seriously, setting this phone on its lowest volume is still enough to cause alarm! But then, it doesn’t play music, so I suspect they didn’t need to worry about quality here. It just needed to make loud noises.

    It’s so loud… that I actually DON’T use it as an alarm like my other phones. I’m afraid it will wake others up. So what do I use as an alarm? NOTHING. I just tell myself to wake up… And it surprisingly (somehow) worked, I woke up at 7 when I needed to get up at 7:30.
  • I quite like how these older phone just had the display on the whole time (did I already mention this before?) I know, I’m so lazy, even pressing a button is too much. Also does very well in sunlight, I can read what’s on the screen easily.

    I have found a few apps that replicate an “always on screen” on my Gnex, but it doesn’t function as well as a native feature (most Nokia phones still have these “always on” clocks).
  • This thing VIBRATES like no tomorrow, the vibrating sound it makes is almost as loud as it’s ringtone... No dirty thoughts please.

Seeing tomorrow is the last day, I’m quite excited. I mean, I didn’t actually I’d live through this… this well. I was expecting myself to weep and yea… guess not! Just proves I’m not TOO attached to my phone.



P.S As you can see, I like .gifs they are awesome.


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