Thursday, April 12, 2012

Now for some statistics… (Thanks for 10,000 views guys)


party hard

Just like to come back and thank all you readers out there for the 10000+ page hits (12379 and counting Winking smile). I feel that there are no “long term readers” here, but that’s ok, as long as you come by every now and then I’m happy. I do appreciate some people I haven’t seen here leave comments, I makes me feel that I’ve made someone's day or taught them something.

I didn’t properly celebrate this occasion, and seeing I threw a decent post together for 1000 views, I think the least I can do is do one for my next milestone (10000). How about we go over some statistics and highlights over the last few years?




So here is my audience stats. It seems that most of you guys are from America! Closely followed by Australia (us) and then Canada. Most users use Chrome (High five guys!!) with IE coming in second (People still use IE?). Windows is the main desktop operating system and… guess what? There are lots of Linux users! :D I’ve tinker with that too… Android is used much more than IOS (not surprising considering how droidy this blog is)


This is essentially the most popular posts (also available on the side bar). The first two are shamelessly advertised/linked from other websites and forums, I’m glad that’s helping. To be fair, let’s look at the posts I didn’t advertise: Most of them actually contain drawings and comics. This should smack me in the face considering how little drawings I do now :( *whispers* no thanks to that half broken tablet of mine…

I’m not sure why the animated one is so high, I understand the exams one and first post (always the thing people look at…) . There are a few tech based ones (pen vs paper, cameras etc…). Essentially without telling, I think you guys want me to draw a bit more. You guys not interested in droid stuff? :(

Some highlights

Some of you guys have commented over the years (friends and new comers). These comments keep me motivated to keep blogging :)

Who is this Anon?? Thank you!!

image image

Your little comments mean a lot to me and I really do appreciate them. I hope to see you guys around more!


… I only have one reaction to that:


I also appreciate that my work is shared elsewhere (there are some more further down. GG rose is there too, I know that folder on flickr! PROOF!:


For the LULz:


Really? Smile with tongue out 

Now for a classic:

Rate me!
P.S I will take this feedback seriously :) I know you guys like drawings more, I’ll try my best to get more of those here. You can also just yell at me and say what you want to read more of (Otherwise, I will just ramble on about what I want…)


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