Monday, May 28, 2012

[P] I miss my DSLR camera. A LOT.


Long story short: Don’t expect exceptional quality photos from camera phones and P&S… especially without a tripod.

So I went to vivid Sydney with a bunch of friends. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this here, but my pentax isn’t turning on… essentially I’m caught without a DSLR.

When' you’ve been spoilt by the things a DSLR can do, sometimes you just get utter frustrated at anything else. To make things worse, I had no tripod. Essentially my photos were a mess and I took my phone out to take the pictures.

Let us marvel the few pictures that turned out well that night (ones with dates are the ones taken on P&S)R0013949

Ironically, some guy decided to photobomb the only pic I like in this stash. JERK. Following this pic was a series of heavily blurred images of the opera house that I will not show. I got a headache just looking at them. This was when I took my phone out.


To be honest, this was on of the few features I like out of the whole vivid sydney thing.



“OMG, these look so pretty! Maybe my P&S will do a better job!”




These were supposed to be green. Carmen explained to me these were overexposed. Well, a little photoshop should fix that. Heck, I can make them any colour I want Smile with tongue out


This one is KINDA alright, but its blurred.


Oh wow. A tree.


In utter frustration, I just vigorously shook my camera. Those lights depict how I was throwing my arms.




“Hey! what’s that over there?! *turns camera*”.


Scroll right to see what we saw stand there at the time Smile By then, I was in a really bad mood already… but we moved on.


This one is smaller than the panoramic… also looks nicer.


I didn’t understand why people still had ice cream that day. It was way too cold.


*Tries to take pic*

*Ends up blurred*



So we headed back after my friends were able to take some nice pictures of the bridge (unlike me).


If you tilt your screen (or stand up to look at this pic), you will see the light projections Smile


In case you missed it.


Luckily, the Museum of Contemporary arts and the custom house were quite impressive… helped me get out of that horrible mood I was in.


For the nerds Smile with tongue out



Overall, I liked the custom house the most. The effects were done really well and there was matching music and sounds too. Felt like being part of a real life cartoon.

But I was still very peeved that my camera was dead (In fact I’m still peeved about the whole thing). But at least I have these pics to remind me of this event… I still don’t know what I want to do with my camera. Should I fix it? or get a new one? If I get a new one, which what type? what brand? Too many questions.

I’m a little too grumpy right now (I’ve been grumpy for a long time). Some people just piss me off… without even trying… They’re like born retarded and stupid. Maybe it’s the assessments and finals. But meh, I should be fine later on. I’ll see how June goes. Don’t ask for a comments pics. I’m FRUSTRATED.


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