Sunday, June 10, 2012

[B] Letters to myself

I came up with this WONDERFUL idea for my blog. I’m going to write letters to myself (sounds awfully disturbing, but hear me out). This series is essentially, where I leave myself a “drift bottle” from the past. I don’t know how often I should do these, but for know I think I’d make it half yearly.

So in half a year, I will write a letter “back” to myself, with reflections and things I’d like to say to myself.

Dear Me =)

So it appears I’m stuck in the exam period again. I hate this time of the semester. There is so much stress and at many points in time, I just can’t be bothered and just don’t want to study.

Right now, I’ve hit a bump with Concrete structures, this subject is shit hard. I don’t think the calculations are THAT hard, the main problem with this subject is that we are require to follow the standards, but the lecturer doesn’t seem to make things clear enough for us to do things correctly. The most discouraging fact is that we showed a tutor a past paper hand he had no idea what to do. How are we supposed to know then?! Tutors and the lecturer aren’t very consistent on what they teach and essentially, I feel its more “hit and miss”. I think it’s just poorly taught.

The other subjects, I’m not as worried for. These subjects seem fine, it’s straight forward and we have plenty of resources to use to study for this. It’s a matter of just studying it.

Chinese I don’t have a final exam for. I did the final quiz on Friday and I think it went quite well. I’m not sure how I’m getting the marks back for that subject. We’ve been shown our marks the whole way through, and I’ve don well the whole time. The lowest I’ve got is 50% and that was in the W9 vocab (I only studied 2 hours before the quiz…), the rest seem consistently high. Marks aside, I think this subject was useful, I might not have learnt ENOUGH to keep a conversation going, but at least now, I can hear and understand a lot more.

I have 10 days till my first exam and quite frankly, I’m just SO FED UP with studying. I hate this >=( it’s especially annoying when you are studying for a poorly taught subject. I don’t really want to study for this subject, cause there is a high chance, I will just get very little progress in trying to make things out. I might as well spent time on the subjects that I know will yield actual results. Then again, I don’t really want to repeat this subject as it seems like an awful subject to do alone (if all my friends pass).

Well… I’m off to study then. Hopefully with good results. I’m not going to talk much on OTHER things =) but lets just say, there are a few new things I got which makes me quite happy. TO future self, please mock me when you get this letter. Say something like: “HA! Concrete was so easy, I passed it the first time round. Noob.” that would be incredibly comforting.

Take care!





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