Friday, June 29, 2012

[P] Pentax is alive again!


After a while… I managed to fix my Pentax! Seems like it just developed a fuss over they type of batteries I put in.

I don’t know why it can just develop something like that… I mean it used to take normal AA batteries fine, but then one day it decides to not take any batteries at all.

With a little research, it turns out that my camera (Pentax K100D) tends to have this “problem”. I don’t know how well the stock batteries would go (you know those big combined batteries?), but considering how expensive each of them were, I was trying to avoid buying them.

I tried weird temporary fixes, some included vigourously turning the camera on and off repeatedly… some included leaving it off in auto or manual focus or something. Those fixes didn’t work, or only gave a small glimpse of hope. I tried updating the firmware, a process that required me to be plugged into the wall charger.

I noticed that if  all functions are fine when plugged in… then it’s definitely a battery problem. Now I took the advice to buy some better quality rechargeable batteries: Sanyo Eneloop. They come precharged and so far, they are working fine. The initial shots showed a bit of fluctuation in the battery readings, it was full, then empty then half… but it’s probably calibrating or something.

Should have done this earlier, missed things like the super moon, vivid and some others… but hey at least I know it’s not broken (THANK GOODNESS!). Here are some pics I took while testing the camera:


Golden Severum:- Been with us for many years.


These two get along quite well, sometimes they fight, but it’s just playful, nothing intense.


I’m not sure what this one is called, but it’s still small and is really cute =)


Yes, it’s my birthday today… also my last day of exams.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! =D Writer didn’t upload this well, but this was uploaded on the 28th!


Jacky Chin said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to the outing yesterday. I suffered a cold that is contagious so I didn't want to spread it

Mylifeasacomic said...

That's ok :)

Get well soon!

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