Wednesday, July 4, 2012



^O^ So many presents!

This post is dedicated to all the people out there who gave me a great 21st birthday! Both in terms of gathering and presents! I’m rather fortunate to have such a great bunch of family and friends (also a good date for birthday, unlike Carmen, who has one of the worst times… EVER)

HP Touchpad + Accessories


This was my present from mum =) Initially, I bought this myself, upgrading my P1000 but Mum surprised me saying that it’s my present! It was a cheap investment since this model was sold in firesales by HP themselves. I also got the touchstone charger for it. This dock is very useful and really cool: WIRELESS induction charging :D Pop it on the dock and it charges, no wires!



The gang got me a Bluetooth keyboard dock (which I’ve wanted for AGES for my P1000). This time round, my touchpad is the same dimensions as the ipad 1, so I can get that and it fits (almost) perfectly. The tablet is a major fingerprint magnet though, but that’s alright :). I’ll talk about this device separately later on.

Sony NEX-C3


We have been looking at a mirrorless since… Beginning of last year. Never got round to one though. But with the Pentax acting up, we took a more serious look at this. The Pentax isn’t completely dead, but it has small problems here and there (namely, the battery and now AF and MF is quite stuffed). I was going to get a micro four thirds, Olympus were selling them cheap with $50-$100 cashbacks on them (on top of a 25% discount).


However, for the same price as a EP-L3 and two lens, the C3 was only $10 more (also 2 lens). Present from Dad, he got this mixed up with a NEX3 and ranted at how poor my decision was…

Jelly Bean


Strictly speaking, it isn’t a bday present, but Google and XDA manage to provide the files and update around the same days. I’m just going to add this to the list cause I really really like this.


While I don’t own an Iphone 4S with Siri, my brief encounter with it was… meh. You ask it things, it answers. Tell it to do something, it does it. It’s a bit… Flat.

Google now in Jelly bean is on the other hand, much more impressive. As far as I know, this ROM I downloaded isn’t even the final yet and it’s already impressive. Open the app and it will tell you information depending on your location and recently searched things. e.g it will tell you how long to get home, how long to get to work, weather and other things.

^O^ Very happy and would like to thank everyone who came to my party and thanks again for the presents. I love each and all of them!



Carmen Nguyen said...

=O HP!! Much better than iPad la...

Jacky Chin said...

Oh, wanna see your present from me?

Mylifeasacomic said...

Sure :) The more the merrier

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