Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[P] Luna park



Lot’s of pics ahead! Look out for slow net!

Yesterday I went photo shooting with Carmen. Mainly around Luna park and back to the city. I’m going to put my pictures in chronological order:


Our journey begins from circular quay. The plan was to walk from there, over the bridge then get to Luna park. Little did I know… that my fear of heights was greater than I thought. I stayed close to THIS side of the bridge… Cause I’d probably shit my pants on the other.


Even these barbed wires made me feel safer than the other side :|


Half way across, still fine.


I made it across with clean pants :D


And down the stairs :D I love you ground!!





I then noticed the HIDEOUS amounts of dust on my sensor from this pic D: I couldn’t do much… So I continued on


:D There’s the entrance. There are a lot of people here ‘cause it’s the school holidays. We arrived just as a ferry was, so after the FLOOD of people, we went in.


I took this pic and the dust was way too visible :(


Up to this pic, my pentax decided to “die”. In fact, it’s battery wasn’t calibrated well (it turned on to full battery later on in the day)… Well at least this put me out of my misery!


Fear not! Luckily I have my trusty new Sony :D Guy on stilts says hi!


We followed the parade of people, the woman in the yellow dress was especially happy. In fact they all were, but she just seemed happier. The pancake lens limited my zoom abilities (read: it has none). So I needed to physically walk up to things.


Following the prompts, we continued onto the other side…


Only to be met by a series of “baby” rides.


Showing no interest at all, we got to the end picnic area.


The board walk actually had a more interesting and “mature” feel to it. Much more suitable for a photo shoot.



I really like how well the blue turned out in these images



Back in the main area, I took some pics to make up for the missed time on the Pentax. The Sony does a great job at handling blurring… That’s really smooth!


This pic turned out JUST like I wanted it to at that point in time… but then, after a few looks, I found out how creepy this looked…


Compared to the Pentax, this camera has punchier, more saturated colours. Comparison below (Sony, Pentax, Gnex):




Pentax isn’t “washed out”, just more realistic I suppose. Each to their own, they look good doing different things I think.


We finished with Luna park and went under the bridge to cover more ground. These look pretty, anyone know what they are called?


Incredibly beautiful.


Despite the sun, I think the light was quite good in some circumstances.



I have a lot more grass… but I won’t bore you.


After some pictures, it was time to head back…


I wasn’t so eager to go… cause this time, we needed to walk on the left… And due to that, I kept my camera away till we got to… SAFER ground.


I was not amused by the photos in between this span of time…


In capitol square… we managed to get a few snaps… then got told that we weren’t allowed to take pics :(  We went home afterwards !


Comment, or this thing will get you in your sleep :P


Carmen Nguyen said...

Where's levitating shots?! And that shot really jizzes my pants... lucky i went to the toilet before reading this..

Mylifeasacomic said...

:\ Do you know what the word... jizz means?

It's probably not what you were thinking D:

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