Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[P/B] Hi! Remember me?

Day 29

I feel like Nat from community channel. Not delivering and having very very scarce updates. But hey, I’m not famous :| Read on to see what I’ve been up to!

Essentially, I’ve been spending time working on a 365 with Carmen. The idea is each week we have a theme and the person with most likes wins. Winner chooses next theme. There are also little rules like no excessive photoshopping and time limitations, but those are nothing big.

We’re up to day 46 and counting. The past themes and winners were:

  • Red, Blue and white. Carmen won
  • Reflections. Carmen won
  • Monochrome. Carmen won
  • BOKEH!. Carmen won
  • Prime 50mm. I won
  • Behind glass. I won

^^ Just need to note that Carmen has at all points in time had more followers than me on DigitalRev. I’ve only just managed to catch up a while ago (29 vs 33).

The main point of this competition was to push our imagination and hopefully improve our photography skills. I think as long as I truly think I’ve learnt something from this 365, winning or losing isn’t really a big deal (Not that I’m doing too shabby anyway ;) )

In terms of pushing creativity. Yes, it has. In fact, I really want to do a weekly (52) or daily (365) album, with just these little cartoon cut outs. I haven’t done many for this 365, but I think it will fit nicely into my blog.


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