Saturday, October 6, 2012

[B] Have I told you I’m also a WP fan?

I found this interesting blog post I wrote in the past (which never got posted…)

HAHA! An interesting blog post from myself in the past:

Yea, I am quite a large Android fan, but I’m also a pretty large windows phone fan as well. I don’t know as much about WP7 as I do for android, but I’m slowly learning here and there.

What “got me”?

  • Call me empty headed if you want, but the UI design of that OS is spectacular. You’ve seen me rabble on about how nice and professional all that looks etc etc. Yea I like that design on ALL my devices, Phone, tablet and desktop. With windows 8 around the corner (even on ARM soon) that is going to become a reality :D
  • WP7 are really really smooth. And that’s on old Snapdragon CPU’s like my Nexus one. I can’t confidently say that there is an Android ROM that is equally smooth and beautiful. Heck, Gingerbread doesn’t even have a screen rotation animation…
  • Probably an expansion on the last point, but the OS runs so well on the “old” hardware. I quite like how MS has imposed a guideline for the phones. You still get a bit of choice with the hardware, but this allows for a consistent feel on any device. Android doesn’t have a STRICT guideline, that’s why you see 600Mhz Cpus and 1.5 Ghz Cpus, different resolutions and all. Hey, that' gives you choice, but sometimes too much.

Why have you not changed over then?

  • For one thing, I’m quite broke and my phone update cycle won’t allow me to get another phone till another 1.5 years later. WP7/Win8 tablets don’t exist so I can’t really test one and still have my update cycle not messed up. 
  • While things run smoothly on WP7, I want MS to up their minimum hardware specs. One things that comes to mind is the 800x480 resolution. It’s OK, but when everyone is passing the 300ppi limit with nicer upgrades all round, I think they need this too. Dual cores would be nice too.
  • I’m not quite sure if MS will be giving the current WP7 handsets a further upgrade. While the latest devices are great (I shamelessly admit that the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 are giving me gadget lust), it would be nice to see them get maybe one or two more updates. Plus, there doesn’t seem to be a proper “flagship” WP7 like the Nexus line for Android…
  • Lack of GOOD/popular apps. The basics seem covered, but the “trendy” apps like draw something aren’t available. I don’t even think there is a native youtube player (only 3rd party)

At this point, I think WP7 is at the Donut stage of Android, its got a bit of users, but it isn’t recognised enough to be "mainstream'”. Devs don’t feel like there is a large enough user base to develop for yet and accessories for the phones will be so hard to find. Nokia will help bring some spot light to WP7 and I hope that MS pulls something out of the bag soon, old specs aren’t going to hold long in this fast paced mobile industry.

I think once WP7 hits “Éclair”, perhaps with a flagship phone showcasing the latest WP edition with nicer specs (like the Nexus one did), this could really push it forward :) Hey, the android market was quite empty when I started using Android, I think MS can do the same. When I notice the “Éclair” I think it’s time I took a dip. Right now I’m quite curious, and want to see if XDA marketplace can find me a WP to play with for minimum price (phone trading?).

And to thing that all my wish list has been fullfilled by phones like the Lumia 920 and ATIV S… I’m really considering to jump over (when I get a new phone… which is very very far away…)


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