Thursday, November 29, 2012

[B] Day 2 – Communications are running

Today I spent most of my time getting my communications up.

You can view that above pic as a photosphere here

I had a bit of difficulty deciding whether I want to get a SIM that had some sort of internet, or one without. the price difference was quite substantial since there seems to be a trend where there is either: internet activated by hour, day or 7days, internet counted by mb (which I honestly hate, it’s probably hard to keep track of) or a prepaid with unlimited internet.

The unlimited on costed way too much to be justifiable since I won’t have much time during work to be online anyway. So I settled for one with internet activated on my demand. I think it will be more than enough. I now even have my network settings to use 2G to save battery…


I also returned a smart watch i bought to get it replaced. All went well and all now the watch works, still trying to get the apps and features to work. i really wanted a smart watch cause it’s a lot subtler to look at your watch than pull out a phone. In work situations, I think this would be much better.


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