Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[B] Day 12 – Wandering…

Quite a busy day in fact.

So far for both Sundays I’ve gone to church. Not because I’m religious but mostly cause I feel uncomfortable turning someone’s (rather) simple request. So I attend and listen, as a whole, the ethics and morals are sounds to me. I accept that. I just don’t like the story/context it’s wrapped behind… and the overly attached people.

After that I spent some time with my Uncle browsing golden comp centre and its surroundings. For one, I was looking for a metal wrist band for my watch and the other reason was that I was hoping to just browse around for a comp if mine so happens to implode and explode on itself for no apparent reason (from what it’s been doing recently, I won’t be too surprised).

One rather annoying thing here are the sales. I really appreciate it if YOU LEFT ME ALONE when I said I don’t need help. Let me look. For goodness sake, I haven’t even been able to check the product without questions and questions. What's worse it they try selling things with the limited knowledge they know. Quite simply put, I was looking at the Zenbook UX32VD and things that were like it. I didn’t want a large laptop so most likely the 13 inch one.

And what does the sales do? He tries selling me ultrabook which were LARGER or DID NOT HAVE GRAPHICS, well since I’ve just given up my two requirements I might as well get a netbook! The store he worked for didn’t have the zenbook stocked so he pushed me to buy an ultrabook which was small… but had no graphics… then a much larger, thicker notebook with graphics. THEN! claiming a small ultrabook (13 inch) ultrabook with graphics DOES NOT EXIST. He is a shame and dishonour to the sales of golden comp centre! He should be banished from that place for all eternity!


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