Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[B] Day 14 - ^O^ My cousin is back!

No I’m not afraid of her, it just marks the changes I need to make with another person around (female too…). ^^ I’m not that bad, I just get over fussy about little things that I think others might dislike.

I’ve been heavily obsessed with Full metal, it’s getting more involving and I must say the dubbing is very good ^^ sounds natural and fluent. I’ve also been staying up a bit later to watch a few more episodes…

An embarrassing incident happened today at work. Since i was sick like I mentioned before, I took some panadol… little did I know it would make me drowsy. So while someone took me on a tour on the surrounding area, I had my head constantly dipping… eyes were heavy. I don’t even know if I actually fell asleep ._. I kept having eyes closed then forced open and repeat…


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