Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[B] Day 15 – $125 ;A;

Today I missed my company shuttle bus… and since they arrive hourly, I resorted to taking a taxi… And since I work at Lantau it automatically cost me $30 more! totalling $125

If you don’t already know, the buses here don’t actually run on a time table. They arrive “every 10-15 minutes”… today it arrive 20 minutes after the previous one. Essentially, I arrived as my shuttle (7:35) left. It took me to while get a taxi, the people here are so rude! Some actually stole my taxi!!

Anyways, i’m going to be Asian and be stingy for the next few days to make up my loss. On the bright side, the lunch is cheap for people with staff rate: $7.5! that’s less than a dollar in AUD. Since they offer bfast, lunch and dinner, I can easily make up lost money there!! HAHA!

At work, I’ve been taken on site a few more times, today I watched a machine dig up a broken road. I didn’t get to see it get relaid (how do you spell that!)


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