Sunday, December 23, 2012

[B] Day 18 – Phones! Phones everywhere!

So I ventured out into Mong Kok today again…

and found sincere podium. A place that essentially sells phones and phone accessories. To be honest, I’ve been lusting for a Nexus 4 since it’s announcement. It’s “hard to get” factor makes it difficult to grasp what it’s like. A forum online said this place has a few stores that stock some imports so I looked around.

In the end I only found one store that stocked them, but as expected it was very expensive considering what it’s worth originally. I did have a fun time browsing around looking at all the other phones…

At night we had Goose:

Cause you know… Sham Tseng is famous for that stuff.


Falken said...

I vomited of that!

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