Sunday, December 23, 2012

[B] Day 19 – Visiting Gma

I visited Gma today…

She’s been placed in aging care now, so I needed to journey to the place today to visit her.

Quite honestly, I find the aging centre to be immensely depressing. You see lifeless elderly people unable to take care of themselves. They seem like prisoners stuck in a body… some even worse, don’t have the best mental health either.

Gma’s forgotten almost everything now. I’m not someone she remembers and that’s been a while. I believe her memory of me was of a child, not someone of my age. Which is probably why she treats my brother a lot like she treated me the last few times I saw her.

She’s quite cranky at times, probably anger at herself that she can’t express herself. Often losing memory of what she plans to say half way through a sentence, then mumbling or shouting into a slur. So when she does have a short moment of joy  where she smiles or laughs, it makes me feel a bit better.

I’m a little peeved people aren’t visiting her a bit more considering how some of them live so close. I’m on the other side of Hong Kong (almost in a literal sense) now and normally in another hemisphere and would like to see her more, but physically can’t make it all the time. And yet, there are others, who are a 10 or so minute walk away form home… and can’t be bothered.


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