Sunday, December 23, 2012


What better way to end the world… than make a person with a fear of heights climb 10m worth of ladders!

Yes. Today is the famed “end of the world”. And since I’m writing this in the future of the end of the world :p I know damn sure it’s not true. Back on the day, and maybe days before it, I was actually looking forward to this day. Not cause I want to see people scream in fear, or explosions and stuff… Just because I want to be part of the people, who saw and essential become proof that this didn’t exist.

^^ I and alot of you, have lived through many “end of the worlds”. On top of that, many natural disasters and I’m happy to say, we can add 2012 to that list.

So about what I did on this day… well I was taken to the artificial island beneath TMB.

I was afraid that they’d make me climb all these ladders up and down when they had a bit of problem with the lifts

But luckily it was alright and we took the lift (which had a limit of 4 people each turn)

To my dismay… the lifts don’t actually go all the way to the ground (and I wonder why NOT?!) so in order to get to the ground… you  need to climb ladders *gasp*

I’m guess those ladders go up 10m and for someone (me) who is afraid of heights, that’s a bit too high to be comfortable. Add in the fact that I’m wearing rather big “clunky” boots which I’m not even confident walking in yet… this was horrible. But knowing that I might no have another chance to do something like this, I climbed down anyway.

Here’s a sphere of the surroundings after I got down, link to sphere here and here’s a Pano of the view around the area:

Gotta give google some credit for the great work they put into the pano and sphere software, they work rather well.

Today was also the day chinese families come together for a festive family. Usually the WHOLE family is there and today was no exception to me. I had dinner with my maternal side family, gma was unable to come, though we all paid visit to her before dinner.

My dinner and gathering with the paternal side will be on Sunday night. I must say today was a rather memorable day. Worth remembering for me personally :)


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