Sunday, December 2, 2012

[B] Day 3 – Don’t wander around without a map

Today I spent the day testing the transport to work. Woke up at 6 to get to work at 8… That went smoothly, the rest didn’t though…

So the shuttle bus was a bit difficult find, cause the map that I was given… wasn’t that useful. I also quite like how I said… I said I had very basic Chinese and the map was all in Chinese. Made my life MUCH easier ==. That picture I have up there is basically where I will be going on Monday The admin building is on the left… and there is nothing on the right:

Since the company shuttle bus doesn’t leave till 12, I took one of the buses that leave from the airport to pretty much every place. I decided to go to Sham Shui Po… only to find out that the shops don’t open till a much later 11-12… And I arrived at 9:30

I wandered around a bit, had another breakfast and went to Mong Kok… where I essentially got lost. I take the 52X home… but I couldn’t find where to take it. Since I don’t have mobile internet unless I type in a code and get my credit charged… I spent pretty much 2-3 hours (Maybe more) aimlessly floating around looking for the bus stop and looking at electronics. In the end, I paid $8 for mobile net to find the bus stop after walking from Mong Kok to East Mong Kok station then Prince Edward:

But this hope was gravely shattered… when I realised this was in the opposite direction; back to where I had walked from mere minutes ago… So I asked the bus driver where the other direction was… and it was luckily just around the block:

At the end of the day. i was quite exhausted from all the walking. But yea,  don’t think I’ll be wandering in Mong Kok that much until I know my way around better. MTR takes a little more time and money , 52X takes me right to where I live.


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