Monday, April 22, 2013

RIP Severum 2005-2013

I feel like I’m in some horrible infomercial with bad events being the host. Just when I thought it would end… “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!”
This golden severum of ours is our oldest and most loved fish in the family. We love our fish a lot and we share quite a deep bond with them, even with glass between us. This is true for ALL our fish. But when you spend such a long time with ANYTHING, ANYTHING, bonds form stronger and tighter.
For the last few days, we’ve noticed out severum (who we called “the old woman” in chinese, amusingly enough, his actually a male) act differently. Inactive, lazy… and not willing to eat. We instantly feared the worse and did our best to keep tank conditions good. But speaking to many aquarium owners, fish enthusiasts and the like… Age was main problem everyone saw. To much comfort, we see his wife accompanying him everywhere he goes.
8 years is quite a long time, so long, it’s almost half my life. We bought it when it was young… about the size of lens cap… it’s now about the size of my hand. Along with his wife they’ve had eggs numerous times, but as a failure I am, we never got any fish out of them. I feel like I have failed them as their owner…
Not only am I so sad of losing pretty much an equivalent of a “childhood pet”, I’m even more depressed watching his wife just stare at his body… I wonder if she feels sad? Does she know what’s going on?
I remember saying 2 years ago 2011 was a horrible year. Well I’m 4 months into 2013 and so far, and well… I don’t look forward to anything.
I’ll add all the photos I can find… going through my computer.


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