Monday, February 24, 2014


It's been a long long time since I've written or posted anything. Realistically, I know no one really follows my blog except maybe a friend or two... I still want this blog; probably the longest intact list of memories, to be kept alive.

In the time of my absence, I must say that I feel I've changed quite a bit (oh ha ha cliche~) Perhaps these changes and life events are best described over the coming posts. It's almost been a year. A year where I could more or less say I've undergone some personal inner growth and deep inner reflection.

So bear with me while I over the coming year retell the story.

Spilling some of the beans: I feel I've become more organised and in one aspect I would like to thank this "yearly planner" I got. Writing up my tasks on paper gives me a sense of urgency and graphically lets me set a comfortable time frame for myself to work. I think this will help me gain some time for blogging...

Stay tuned.