Friday, June 13, 2014

Oh it's that time again (@w@)

Just a quick post to let you know it's exam period.

In today's flashback, I'd like to tell you a little about a funny/intense experience last semester. Basically, we were stuck in a hard subject and we were revising. But you know, a typical day just doesn't have enough hours: 8 hours sleep, a couple hours eating/tidying up yourself, a couple hours travel time, and then there are inefficiencies. So we resorted to all nighters, espresso and what not.

Our basic schedule was arrive at uni by 9, study till 6, sleep on train on the way home, get home, study. sleep for a couple of hours to quite parents nagging "you should sleep now", usually 12-2. Then wake up and study, sleep on train and repeat. My friend and I took sleep shifts, Making sure that we didn't over sleep and we would only sleep if the other person was awake (this included constant messaging and phone calls to ensure the other was awake). Hahah, you could say we saw many sun-rises together.

Sad to say, that time of the semester is back. And with my friend long gone, I'll be soldiering ahead alone with the similar regime. This time though I'm alone, so I'll take a "triphasic sleep" approach. I've actually been trying this the whole semester, but I ended up just sleeping A LOT earlier and ended up waking up next morning (so yea, I failed.). But now, I need the time. Anything that works, I'll do.

Prologue: I hope I don't die.


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